Deep Ecology & Peacebuilding - Huila - Colombia 2015

"Deep Ecology & Peace Construction"
July 2015( 5-days workshop)

San Agustin - HUILA – COLOMBIA

Cofacilitated by Helena ter Ellen (Terr'Eveille) Felipe Medina (Origen Circular) and jesuit Francisco de Roux -
la fundación Viracocha San Agustin, Huila, Colombia

See the beautiful report made by Karen Behar (Tejiendo Sueños - Cali) here (rights Creative Commons)

The Participants of the workshop are leaders of different communities: indigenous (Nasa) afrocolombian from the Pacific coast farmer communities of the CIMA and some "urban" white leaders - and us, the facilitators Here we are (not complete though) in the amazing parque arqueologico de San Agustin, "honoring the ancestors"

Some cheerful participants walking towards the venue...

Imaginary travelling towards the "Beginning of Life on Earth" (guided meditation)in the wonderful Malokka
made all of bambou and in sacred geometry forms -
Steffen and Lina from the Viracocha foundation are real artists!

Mayu, Felipe's wife, is very skilfull and creative with her drawings...
here a representation of Deep Time Calendar of Humanity with her son Alún assisting her

Pachita, incredible lideresa afrocolombiana, would resume with her songs and her sacred "marimba" the experiences we shared during the day...

LIFE MAP that was a great way to enter the phase of "honoring the pain" (sooo much pain...)
Francisco de Roux drawing
...his struggle in Magdalena Medio (and the Peace Laboratory over there)
and the many people who were killed in the conflict

The (famous and very dignified) NASA-indigenous people from Cauca: sharing their histories of non-violent resistance and pain Alcibiades, Luz Aida, young Leonardo and Edna...

We used a lot of drawing and imagination drawing all the obstacles to peace and to reconnexion with the Earth
and then finding a way to pass through them without breaking the paper
(which is actually cutting the paper into a

"Teatro del Oprimido" (Agusto Boal, Paolo Freire) Camila Reyes and Felipe facilitated this wonderful theatre of the oppressed. Pachita asks here for a appointment with the president of Colombia to talk about land grabbing, illegal minery and land reforms...

There are a lot of tensions between farmers-indigenous communities afros in Colombia, for land rights! And they will have to unite to be able to create territorial peace! This is what happened in our long theatre session, quite electrifying...

Wise words of one the main spîritual leaders of the Nasa, Alcibiades, to create alliances between communities to face those in power...

"Teatro del Oprimido" Meeting between "presidente Santos" (Felipe Medina here)the mediator (Francisco de Roux he's playing that role in real life too!) and a delegate of the communities (Clemencia)

LIFE MAP: imagining together the future of our communities and weave alliances...
(we made the LIFE MAPS turn from one group to the other, so that each could draw and dream the dream of all communities)


Celebrating an amazing and very meaningful journey on the last day...
In the Parque arqueologico precolombiano San Agustin
very appropriate place to end our journey with all their precolombian statues

Helena ter Ellen - Terr'Eveille - Colombia/Belgium - September 2015